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Thread: SGTFlipFlop E1 bouquets

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    SGTFlipFlop E1 bouquets

    Here is the latest update

    DreamboxEdit Used (Recommended)

    Enigma 1 = Dreambox 500, 600, 7025
    Enigma 2 = Dreambox 800, 8000, 500 HD

    Updates: 14th September 2011

    Bouquet Updates
    Cartoon Network HD
    Disney Channel HD (Testing EPG)

    Removed Channels
    Sikh TV

    Updated newest channels

    I will be doing Enigma2 Multi Bouquet, But will not for Enigma1 as it takes too long to remove every HD channel from all satellites, Easily too do yourself if you have the time.

    ** Edit your own BBC & ITV Regional channels to suit your needs in DreamboxEdit (If you are from Ireland, I've renamed all Irish channels so easy for you to find) **
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