Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 15-09-2011

Media buyers and studios, take note: In a recent survey by TiVo, a quarter of Americans (26%) said they weren't embarrassed to admit they indulge in their guilty pleasure entertainment fix every day.

And the siutation really is Jersey Shore, Teen Mom 2 and unrealistic crime procedurals involving improbable levels of violence and day-saving. However, true to the States' penchant for snark, nearly the same amount (21%) said they judge others on their TV choice

If the mantra is "give the public what they want," studios will be investing in series like ABC's "Charlie's Angels," which is the most anticipated show of the fall TV season, the survey revealed. NBC's "Prime Suspect" and CBS' "Person of Interest" tied for the second most anticipated new TV show this fall. In other words, it's all about the crime, crime and more crime.

About one third (29%) of respondents say they'll be tuning in to crime dramas, while 22% are fiends for reality TV. TiVo is seeing that all major networks and even cable channels following the apparent thirst for these types of programming.

So what types of shows earn the title of "guilty pleasure?" Americans ranked tension-filled crime dramas as number one, while, surprisingly, reality TV placed only third (sitcoms took the number two spot). The popularity of these genres continues to rise, and while viewers might be embarrassed to admit just how often they tune in, they show no signs of stopping according to TiVo's continued insight into this trend.

"TiVo's Fall TV survey confirmed our instincts that many TV lovers no longer hide their passion for what they consider a guilty pleasure show," said Tara Maitra, senior vice president and GM of content & media sales for TiVo. "Our survey unveiled some interesting overarching fall TV trends to keep in mind this season."