15.16 Europe/London, September 15, 2011 By Julian Clover

RTS – CAMBRIDGE. Channel 4’s Future and Digital Media Ad Sales team are to use viewer data taken from registration profiles to deliver demographic breakdowns of its VOD audiences.

The data will be augmented by third-party data supplied by Quantcast, which provides similar information to Hulu in the United States, and used across catch-up and library service 4oD.

Speaking at the RTS Cambridge Convention, Channel 4 CEO David Abraham said the new formats gave advertisers the opportunity to demographically target. He promised a viewers charter that would clearly explain to viewers how the broadcaster would handle their data. “We’re making a statement about being a public broadcaster where the viewer is in love with us and willing to share data that helps us do what we do.” Since registration was introduced – it is still possible to access 4oD without registering – 30% of users have completed the online form.

Advertisers will be offered a series of innovative ad formats, exclusive to Channel 4, when placing ads with the online version of 4oD.

Ad Pop enables the product being advertised in a pre-roll to ‘pop out’ of the constraints of the player area, meaning the viewer can explore the product’s features through interactive images and overlays;

Ad Bloom allows the advert to evolve from an in-player ad pre roll and grow out into a microsite within the player. The advertiser can populate with content videos, product features and photos, driving brand exposure and dwell time;

Ad Social offers a pre-roll to drive awareness in social media, offering viewers the opportunity to show their appreciation for, check in with, recommend, or follow a brand, from the player and;

Ad Interact delivers pre roll advertising with an interactive element, where viewers can enter in details for offers, competitions or sign up for coupons for example, without leaving the player page.