07.47 Europe/London, September 15, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Slovak Telekom has introduced a new flat rate promotional offer for its DTH service Magio Sat.

Valid from today (September 15) until the end of October, it allows subscribers to receive the Magio Start package for 6.99 for up to 24 months and the Magio Sat Klasik and Komplet packages for 6.99 for the first six months.

In the latter instance, the packages can then be received for 11.99 and 14.99 respectively for the subsequent 18 months.

After 24 months, Start remains at 6.99, while Klasik and Komplet fall to 10.74 and 12.99 a month respectively.

The rental charge for the Magio Box has also been reduced and subscribers are in addition being offered the HBO package free of charge for three months.

Slovak Telekom had a combined total of over 150,000 subscribers to its Magio Sat and Magio IPTV services as of July this year.