AAF_M9208_g2690_ufs910_update_enigma2_p207_P191_M2 _FULL_nodebug.img

SH4 Duckbox project Git rev2690
+ New kernel P207 (STM2.4)
Havana 191 + new players
+ Updated ffmpeg 0.6.3
3.2.4 + updated multicom
+ Introduce 3D mode for OSD (OSD paint twice in Side by Side or Top and Bottom)
+ [Player2 179/191] possible fix for chopped DTS sound on some files
+ [Libeplayer3] support for OSD 3D modes for subtitles
+ [Busybox] busybox 1.18.5 stable add
+ [At7500] flash_Extended better partitioning
+ [At7000] module cam fix
+ [At700/7000] Smart Card Reader Driver (Does it work?)
+ [TF7700] implement support longkeypress
+ [TF7700] Fixed sporadic crash in VFD plugin (HDD size)

Boat image by Kasimi

[B] [COLOR = blue] [I] [SIZE = 5] New AAF Enigma2 Summer Image [/ SIZE] [/ I] [/ COLOR] [/ B]

+ Auto Mode Switcher 3D (3D representation of the OSD in 3D on channels / videos)
+ 3D-mode tool to send the tv automatically in the 3d mode (only works on SBS) thx light MasterCard

if it should go niche (as example):
cd / dev
rm hdmi0.0
c 253 0 mknod hdmi0.0
which must be specified as one can see with
AAF at700: / # cat / sys/class/stmcoredisplay/display0/hdmi0.0/dev

+ 3D mode on (Green ->) Blue button
+ Channel list updated
+ [E2 lng] - add PL.po for aaf panel
+ [Mc] File Browser
+ [Mc] fix imdb background search
+ [Mc] vp add default directory DeviceList and allowed DeviceList lastdir
+ [Mc] pp DeviceList you add default
+ [Mc] ap DeviceList you add default
+ [Mc] added option to remove MC main menu entries! Have a look at Settings -> Global Settings ....
+ [Mc] readd myvideo old apple trailer pys
+ [Ufs912] USB WiFi Support
+ [Ipbox] add terrestrial and cable xml
+ [At7500] add terrestrial.xml
- Contain no OC
- Webif installed on only IPK
- 14 W speakers fit with restrictions only
- No internal hard disk support
- The flash image is very slow in the menu
Please tick swaps operate with the image.

stm24 is very stable and even faster when switching,

but in boxing with his older hardware limitations.

Please use the default skin, not to be expected even more system load the box with a HD skin and lots of ads in there.

The development continues, first with [COLOR = red] [I] [B] titanium [/ B] [/ I] [/ COLOR] in the Flash UFS910 will walk properly again.

Most use the image in Flash as a speedboat with mini boot.

Your AAF team
THX obiwatn76 and all beta testers