I have a Magic Box 5400 satellite receiver. It failed to start right after a technician fixed for me a problem with my satellite dish. He was using the receiver to search channels. My receiver was working very well at the time. The technician fixed the problem with the dish and we were able to see different channels during the test. Then we replaced the TV and the receiver to where they were before. Now when we try to view programs, the receiver (Magic Box 5400 DVB) failed to start. The technician tried hard but could not identify this new problem. I took the receiver to a local (more experienced) electronics technician. He went through the common trouble shooting procedures. He said every thing looks OK. Power passes through the cable. He tested this. But the machine does not start. Command does not reach to the display board. Nothing is displayed here. No channel name and number is displayed. He checked every thing he suspected in my presence. I didn't really comprehend many of the technical things he said he checked. But I trust him. He is my friend. The machine did not fell down. He checked this too with a magnifier and found no cracks and no other traces. When he exhausted he advised me that we better try to find help on line. That's why I am here. Could any one please tell me what could be possibly wrong with the receiver and how to solve it? Thanks.