New PLi@jade3 Maxvar Skin Kingsize Persian6 with picon Drtic2.2 and CCcam2.2.1

with the most beautiful knife Kingsize Persian6 and the integration of emo CCcam2.2.1 and integrate Blegn Drtic2.2 subsidized for the translation of films for all languages, including Arabic and numerical of Alpluzhnat task required and the addition of many is the top speed in open channels and the missile in Alcherinj


1 - Copy off great and you can change them by plugins easylogo

2 - Add language to Arabic, with English

3 - Update Kernel Driver is a new picture to the top of the speed

4 - Ecminfo information has been incorporated into the knife and run automatically

5 - Merge Blegn Drtic2.2 support for subtitling in Arabic translation for the operation of sending a file to the path translation filename.dtc tmp

Then run Blegn Drtic2.2 and enjoy the film translated into Arabic

6 - CCcam 2.2.1 and merge CCcaminfo V1.1 in the first picture of crude away from the Var area

7 - change the original knife knife Skin Kingsize Persian6 enabled Picon

8 - to deactivate the property so as not to MHW Epg Athenj Dreambox

9 - click once on the ok button before you find a list of channels

10 - Add another file and comprehensive frequencies for each satellite

11 - Merge Blegn Minicat Key Updater in the raw image away from the Var area

12 - Merge Blegn Movieplayer in the raw image away from the Var area

13 - Merge Blegn Inadyn Configuration in the raw image away from the Var area

14 - Merge Blegn New Found Cleaner in the raw image away from the Var area

15 - add a property DVR for online registration

16 - Added a new file satellites.xml also updated with the correct names of the satellites

17 - modify the timing Timezone by region and by simply the most important countries to gain more space

18 - To change the look of the menus to become like the Humax through HELP button

19 - supports the automatic translation to channels that support this service

20 - The remaining area Var 84%


can pass this picture by Flashwisard or DreamUP

leave you with a screen-shot

Leave you with a screen-shot