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Thread: Problems with Hotbird

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    Problems with Hotbird

    I have a DM800 and watch 3 satellites (Hispasat, Astra and Hotbird) with a diseq. From saturday night when i select a channel from Hotbird i don't have signal, but works fine with Astra and Hispasat. I have already switch the port in diseq between Astra and Hotbird and change in dream too, and the result is the same, channels in Astra work fine and in Hotbird with no signal.
    Yesterday i was watching channels in Astra, and after a while i note the image with pixels. I have level of AGC and SNR, but the level of SNR comes to zero and i have a image with pixels or not any image.
    I can see Hispasat correctly so what can be the problem? Lnb's? The tuner of Dream?
    Another thing i want to ask, is i have a 80cm dish to watch Astra and Hotbird, and i want to know if it's possible watch the Astra 2 (28,2 degrees) too, adding another Lnb? I'm in Lisbon, Portugal.
    Best regards.

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    Re: Problems with Hotbird

    Hi Portinho greetings from London. Have you tried to change the LNB from HOTBIRD with the one from ASTRA. If it works then you know its the LNB. If it does not work have you checked the dish alignment? Do you have three dishes and LNB? Also check the cables are connected properly etc. To get the FREESAT satellite at 28 EAST the best think to do is move it to 28 EAST and see if you get signal. Also i was wondering why did you not get a motorized system which will give you more satellites. Good luck and lets us know how you get on. Regards.

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    Re: Problems with Hotbird

    hi mate, chech your dish, handle, lnb holder, maye there is a problem

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    Re: Problems with Hotbird

    same probleme

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