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Thread: how to build a hex file for funcard?

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    how to build a hex file for funcard?


    I would like to build my own hex file for funcard.
    One of my friends is watching t+p+s and i would prefer burn my own files rather than just copiing them here.

    is anybody could give me a good tutorial?


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    Re: how to build a hex file for funcard?

    ... now that is a good question ... hope somebody replies!
    Is there a teacher out there? thanks

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    Re: how to build a hex file for funcard?

    If you didnt find solution , maybe i can help !?
    But is not clear did you prefer to make owen EMu or just to renw data in data area !?
    I saw soeme people on internet calling themselfs "cardmans" or similar "names" but seems tat thay just update data [usualy keys] in data area of soeme EMU .
    Usualy uses other side "product" mean EMU .
    Is not so hard to lean how to update data file in soeme EMU , just ask yourself if you ready to lean more !?

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    Re: how to build a hex file for funcard?

    I would be interested in trying to make my own hex files. Editing keys on the bin files is one thing but when the card stops to autoroll, then something must be done to make it AU agai and this requires the ASM source.

    I would be interested in learning this so I can also learn how the emu works and how the keys are generated.

    Anyone can provide the source code for the flash of the funcards?

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    Cool Re: how to build a hex file for funcard?

    It seems that all_beef has taken the tpscrypt c+ code and converted via avr to asm, excellent's back to basics!

    Wouldn't it be good for those interested in learning to focus to join a group focused on providing these single solutions (TPScrypt, SECA2, NDS MultiVision2.7>.....), as the cam guy's try too much to cover too many encryption systems in little time and as soon as they win, they lose!, while MAJORITY sit back and just wait for softkeys, bins & keys!

    Why do people watch and read this learn or leach?

    Lets share the knowledge, pass on the code and skills to create the solutions or should we just wait for whatever.... to be provided by embassy staff to play their little games?

    C/C++ is so eay to learn.....then ASM becomes easier ( was the other way round in the 80's)......share share share share..not keys but methods!!!!!

    Well lets try....or this becomes another forum controlled amd answered by SPOOKS!

    sorry for the rant....but you know we could end up letting HAL take over!


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