Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 20-09-2011

Germany's internet community accepts advertising in exchange for free-of-charge content.

That's the result of a survey market research institute TNS Infratest recently conducted among 756 internet users in Germany from 14 years of age.

According to the study, 89.9% of internet users tolerate advertisements if the websites they regularly visit remain accessible for free. 8.7% prefer to view online content without ads and would in return be prepared to pay a small fee for content which was previously available free-of-charge.

"The results show that banner advertising is accepted to a large degree as it contributes to the financing of online content," Carsten Theisen, director of TNS Infratest's Digital Centre, said in Hamburg. "However, the general acceptance of advertising doesn't say anyting about the acutal impact of ads."