Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 20-09-2011

Facebook, which has been in a very video-friendly mood of late, is expected to launch a new live stream showing what users are watching on the Web, based around a new in-network media hub.

At the upcoming Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, CEO Mark Zuckerberg will reportedly take the wraps off a new initiative called "read, watch and listen," according to the New York Times.

Part of the strategy is to integrate content in a better way on the site via new media hub, so users do not have to exit Facebook to watch a video or listen to a song. Video and songs would play directly from a user's wall and the news feed, and users will be able to better post "what I'm watching" in the news feed through a native functionality.

The audio-video live stream could run as a separate ticker from the existing news feed, as well. Rumours have swirled that Netflix and Hulu are part of the kick-off, along with Vevo, Rhapsody and Spotify on the music side.

Zuckerberg is also said to be announcing a Google+-like functionality that will allow users to segment freinds by spheres of influence or closeness; users can already segment friends through networks and the creation of special lists, but the ability to subscribe to user feeds and slice and dice the friends list in a more organic way is apparently on deck.

Facebook boasts 750 million users, half of which sign on at least once a day.