Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 20-09-2011

DISH Network is on the cusp of revealing details about its Blockbuster subscription streaming service, with which the satellite company plans to take on Netflix et al.

The plan is to hold a press conference on 23 September, according to Bloomberg, citing an unnamed source. Among the juicy tidbits teased out by Bloomberg: the first iteration of the service will be for subscribers, who will be offered the online service as an upgrade to the pay-TV packages. But, DISH will eventually offer it a la carte.

DISH plans to launch the service next month, timing that seems serendipitous given the recent troubles Netflix has had in the wake of its rate hikes that went into effect 1 September. It has lowering its forecast for third-quarter subscriber numbers and seen its stocks tumble precipitously, prompting an apology e-mail to subscribers.

DISH acquired the struggling Blockbuster at auction in April for $320 million, looking to take a household video rental name and refurbish it into something forward-thinking and competitive.