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Thread: 16 digit keys and 32 digit?????

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    16 digit keys and 32 digit?????

    hi all,

    i am quite newbie to this world...i know how to enter 16 digit probs there ...but some channel have very long keys, which i cant enter into the reciever (starsat sr-x550d ultra. v344)...what to do? is there something i can do or is it a hardware limit...if it is a hardware limit ...which is the next best reciever ?

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    Talking Re: 16 digit keys and 32 digit?????

    i also noticed the same problem. there are some other options also in the receiver (like CAS ID, PP ID etcc..) whether we should change that also in addition to the 16 digit numbers.?
    Can anyone comment on this?

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    Re: 16 digit keys and 32 digit?????

    Hi all i am also a new user i also know only the 16 digit nuber combined with alphabets.experts pls help us my receiver is topfield 3000ci pro and it has updated with software cam.and i am totally confused with all the postings like mr key softcam key .is there any text file with actual numbers for particular channels so that i can enter manually.plz advice.

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