Editor ©RapidTVNews | 21-09-2011

After licensing its video assets to DRM and monetisation company Base79, superclub Ministry of Sound (MoS) is claiming 40 million new video views per month, a 300% increase.

Base79’s digital rights management technology identifies unauthorised use of copyrighted content online, claiming also that all content is search engine optimised (SEO). Using this technology for its 500-item asset library, total views of the Ministry of Sound’s YouTube channel videos are said to have shot up to an average of 60 million per month.

Significantly, MoS says that the increase in views has also lead to a significant increase in revenues from online advertising, with a greater number of pre-roll advertisements being served on official content. Base79 says that it has also ‘claimed’ over 90,000 unauthorised videos on behalf of the institution which is celebrating its 20th aniiversary.

Commented Duncan Collins, Group Managing Director, Ministry of Sound, comments, “Our video catalogue and IP is an important asset for our business, and we were keen to…ensure it provides both a quality viewing experience for music fans and a high level of return for the business. The results generated by Base79 have been exemplary with regards to both viewing and revenues related to our video titles.”

As a result of the initial successful engagement, MoS is to expand it partnership catalogue, using new distribution technologies currently under development at Base79 to allow viewing and consumption of videos across mobile and Internet connected devices.

Added Ashley MacKenzie, CEO, Base79: “Ministry of Sound has a very high quality catalogue of video assets. Applying our rights management technology has ensured it provides the highest possible return and greatest viewing numbers for them. By reclaiming unauthorised content, we have been able to effectively monetise Ministry of Sound content while keeping it online to ensure the maximise number of viewers possible.”