Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 21-09-2011

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) has launched a new index designed to evaluate the quality of customer service provided by pay-TV operators.

Involving all networks with 100,000 TV subscribers or more, the classification system ranks each player based on their performance dealing with customer complaints. The results, which will be updated monthly, are already available for the July 2011 period on the regulator’s website, www.anatel.gov.br .

The new index will be added to those previously launched by Anatel to measure the quality of customer service provided by mobile phone, fixed telephony and long-distance telephony suppliers.

The methodology used to put together the index gives each operator a starting grade of 100, with points then deducted as targets previously set by Anatel are missed. To ensure a process of continuing improvement, the targets are dynamic, meaning they are progressively modified to meet stricter parameters. Initially, the index evaluates the ability of operators to deal with individual customer requests in five days or less, as well as the ability to bring down the number of complaints, reduce the number of disputes and avoid repeat incidents.

Based on this criterion, the higher the performance exhibited by each operator in meeting the targets, the higher the score obtained. During July 2011, the top spot in the ranking was grabbed by TVA, which scored a perfect 100. It was followed by Via Embratel (95.769), Telefonica TV Digital (95.717), Sky (93.074), Net (85.458) and Oi TV (85.279).

According to Anatel, the development of an index exclusively dedicated to monitor the pay-TV sector was in response to the rapid growth and growing popularity enjoyed by these services in Brazil during the past few years. The government hopes the publication of the ranking will provide a further incentive for pay-TV operators to offer a service of excellence to their viewers.