Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 21-09-2011

Oracle may be more famous for its enterprise-class business solutions especially with regards to databases but it is now motoring in the world of digital content with the launch of an end-to-end mobile digital content platform.

Designed to help service providers enhance their digital content offerings, drive revenue and mitigate customer churn, the Oracle Communications Digital Store is claimed to be able to help streamline the entire content process.

Oracle believes that the explosion in demand for applications has created urgency among service providers to develop user-friendly and efficient digital stores. “The surge of interest in applications and application stores is driving the deployment of service delivery platforms to support applications storefronts and provide a creation and delivery environment for third-party content developers," commented Shira Levine, directing analyst, Infonetics Research.

The new Communications Digital Store encompasses content submission through customer purchase – to provide consumers with a compelling experience for discovering and purchasing digital content for a variety of mobile devices. In particular, it is there to help address issues that service providers are currently facing around the creation, management and marketing of own-brand app stores.

It offers what is described as an advanced content provider portal to simplify the submission and management of content by third-party developers and a centralised warehouse management system that lets CSPs manage testing and approval for content running on hundreds of devices.

Oracle is confident that those deploying the Oracle Communications Digital Store can maximise revenue through premium content downloads and increase the number of subscribers using data services. It adds that it can minimise churn by enhancing the consumer application store experience and support the simple acquisition of digital content on both smart and feature phones.