Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 21-09-2011

Online video advertising continues to outpace traditional TV advertising when it comes to viewer engagement, thanks to the opportunity for real-time dynamic targeting of ad content.

That's according to new research from ad technology provider EyeView, which says that personalisation is a key to moving viewers further along in purchase intent and brand favorability.

Roughly 400 online users were divided into two groups; both halves were shown the same online video content. Both also pre-roll video ads for travel site Kayak, but one group got standard TV ads and the other received tailored messaging that leveraged geography and real-time airport information.

The results were impressive: personalised ads garnered a full 100% improvement in level of favorability toward Kayak, a 37% increase in the likelihood of using Kayak to book travel online next time and a 73% increase in willingness to recommend Kayak to a friend. There was an about 40% increase in belief that advertising is worth it to watch content online for free.

Also, good news for content owners, the online content itself saw a boost from the personalised ads: there was a 13% increase in enjoyment of the programming.

Other results included the fact that 40% of participants said they liked the idea of personalised ads (with 12% had an unfavourable reaction) and two-thirds said they would like personalisation in at least half their online video ads.