Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 22-09-2011

As it battles to stay competitive with bouquets such as Digital+'s advanced STB iPlus, Spain's leading cable TV operator Ono has introduced a new advanced TiVo box.

The equipment will be distributed in different phases until having covered the whole of the country by the end of 2012, starting with Madrid and Barcelona.

One completive advantage that Ono will claim against the iPlus is that the TiVo can recommend content to viewers, something totally new in Spain. The TiVo service is in addition to the operator's 150 linear TV channels and VOD offerings. The new STB also supports HDTV and in the future 3DTV.

The Ono-TiVo agreement is in exclusive and also involves Nagravision for conditional access technology and Cisco for the manufacturing.
Speaking to 'Rapid TV News' about TiVo and its future, Fernando Meco, the company's Digital TV director said: "TiVo means a very important change for Ono because it means a new era.

"The model combines broadband…internet content and pay-TV. The novelty is combining the internet contents with the traditional pay-TV contents. The feedback we are having from our Alpha phase clients is very positive." The executive added that the equipment will be available for those Ono's clients with television and for those without the television option.

The basic idea is that all of Ono's traditional STB's become TiVo's in the future. "In between our present set-top-boxes and TiVo there are three big gaps: the first one is HDTV. If the client wants HDTV contents he will have to pass by TiVo. The same for 3D TV and for the advanced searching. And if the client wants to access the online contents directly from the internet he will also have to get TiVo. Here we are working with some broadcasters wo they have their Catch Up app embedded," he added.

In the launching of a new product the retail market is essential. "What we have brought to the Spanish market is a hybrid business TV model: a hybrid box between broadband and television", Meco explained.