Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 22-09-2011

Chinese telco China Wi-Max Communications (CHWM) has signed strategic business agreements with China CTV Television Network Center (CTVN) and 3Screen Group, which will see it develop IPTV in China.

The deal with CTVN will see the nationwide development of fibre optical networks for delivering digital TV and other value added services throughout China. The companies will initially deliver multimedia "three screen" experience to TV, web and mobile devices with content available to CTVN’s Chinese subscriber base of 200 million people via 200 TV stations across the country.

Meanwhile, CHWM's agreement with IPTV technology and content provider, 3Screen Group, inclusive with its partner DigiSoft.tv, will enable the companies to deliver a complete IPTV solution to CTVN's extensive subscriber market in China.