Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 22-09-2011

The IPTV arena is a market characterised by innovation and new research suggests that it is one that can also be classified by growth.

A new survey by In-Stat Worldwide IP Set Top Boxes has found that a surge in ITV networks will see the market’s set top box (STB) segment rise with shipments surpassing 21 million units in 2011.

Overall the specialist technology analyst found that the IP STB market will grow 14% in 2011 with this growth roiling over to 2012 in North America where shipments will likely rise by 48%. By 2013 though, Western Europe will account for 46% of worldwide IP STB revenues.

“The recent up-tick in IP set top boxes is a result of telcos gaining subscribers from cable TV and satellite TV providers, as well as replacing the boxes of current subscribers,” says Michelle Abraham, Research Director.

“Future increases for IP set top box shipments will likely be driven by service providers moving to a server/client architecture where there is a media gateway/server located in the media room of the house that shares its content with client boxes that are distributed throughout the rest of the home. These client boxes will be IP STBs. DirectTV is one of the first providers to offer this service, but In-Stat expects that others will follow over the next few years.”