Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 21-09-2011

Satellite television broadcaster DirecTV has begun offering its Argentinean subscribers access to the ESPNplay.com application. In doing do, the DTH company joins Cablevisión, its main competitor in the Argentine pay-TV market, which has been offering the TV Everywhere type of service for the past few months.

The application allows subscribers to a pay-TV operator to log on to a special section of the local ESPN website and watch a wide range of live and catch-up sports content with exclusive rights to ESPN. The action, which often includes additional matches and camera angles to those shown on linear TV transmissions, can therefore be followed from anywhere in the world through a broadband connection.

In order to gain online access to the programming, DirecTV customers must first register – if they haven't done already – with the MiDirecTV web portal. Among the most sought-after sporting events usually available on ESPNplay.com are coverage of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, all of golf's majors, the Rugby World Cup currently being staged in New Zealand, the English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Serie A and the X Games.

The streaming video signals are encoded to support both widescreen (16:9) and the older 4:3 format, and they can be watched on full screen mode or on a smaller window. The application also lets viewers to interact with other users via social networking engines without leaving the ESPNplay.com website.