Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 23-09-2011

Turner Broadcasting's CNN, TBS and TNT networks are all releasing content to Google TV. Bearing out Google TV's quest to act as a complement to traditional broadcast, the channels will only be accessible via cable and satellite credentials.

One partner for the authenticated service is cable MSO Suddenlink Communications who will add to that on Google TV's Web site which now shows CNN, TBS and TNT as part of its lineup, while screenshots published by GigaOM unveiled the Suddenlink connection.

Turner is one of the few media companies that seems to be embracing multiscreen and TV Everywhere initiatives whole-hog. While Viacom was busy suing Cablevision and Time Warner Cable over their live TV iPad apps, Turner was issuing statements of support for the cablecos.

The Turner connection could be a big boon for Google TV, which has had a hard time securing content deals. That's because the platform--built into certain Sony connected TVs--searches the Web for online video to serve up along with broadcast TV search results. Despite Google's repeated cries that it is friendly to traditional pay-TV operators ("honest!"), media companies are concerned about both piracy enablement as well as cannibalisation of ad revenue and video on demand VOD sales should viewers opt for an online and potentially free version of what they would otherwise watch via cable, IPTV or satellite.

To date, Google TV offers movies and TV from HBO, plus online video sites like Netflix, Amazon and Vevo.