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Thread: JTAG Update question urgent

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    Exclamation JTAG Update question urgent

    Hi Guys

    For newer Edisions is coming up a serious problem:

    Some other users having this damed "boot" hangup problem without
    getting a solution to fix it over the serial but it doesn´t work at all.
    My question is now: Does anybody have or know more about the
    jkeys.def definition file for Jkeys using the JTAG interface but all of
    the Edision Receivertypes not directly imlemented and similar
    Receivertypes are not flashable (but readeable) because of missing
    sector adress information in the Jkeys.def file.
    The more bootfreezes we have the more important is this problem.
    This error apeared since edision gone to refurbish his series following
    the 2100 and 2600 series with an new omeca processor STI5518DQC (recognized)
    and the new samsung nor flashrom (K4561632H).

    Best regards futurewise


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    Re: JTAG Update question urgent

    I had this boot problem with my edision recently, but found out that it was being short circuited with electrical current from the tv cable of the normal antena. I got shocked when grabbing the metal parts of the Edision. Next day I went searching for the electrical voltage that was short circuiting the Edision and unplugging the antena cable (from the normal antena, not the satellite dish) it rebooted and worked ok. See if that is what is happening. I am still trying to find out how to get the electrical current out of the coaxial cable.

    Hope this could be of any help.

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    Re: JTAG Update question urgent

    I have this problem on both receivers. I have on both (2100) not connected
    anything to the receiver connections.
    But i have a tip for your problem:
    You need to isolate the coaxialcable from the Dishground with a antenna ground
    current isolator, it costs something like 10 euros or so.
    With a multimeter shortened between the coaxial-ground and the dishcable-ground
    you should measure a AC current between 20 and 70 Volts. This is the reason
    the isolator is made for but clear that the receiver freaks out.
    But thanks for replying

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