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Thread: Amiko 8900 cccam

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    Amiko 8900 cccam

    Hi all,

    i set in system the IP configuration so the internet is working but i dont know how to enter my user and pass for Cccam,can somebody tell me in steps

    anyway there is also a number like 12000?what is that number?where i should enter the C line?do i need any file to send to receiver or not?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Amiko 8900 cccam

    U sould put in ccam.list or newcamd.list, etc its depends the plugin u use!

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    Re: Amiko 8900 cccam


    could you be more clear?
    You use cccam 2.1.4, oscam with cccam protocol or what?
    Which version.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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    Re: Amiko 8900 cccam

    Eu usava antes cccam.
    Agora de momento estou a usar oscam

    I was using CCcam before.
    Now I am using oscam

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