Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 25-09-2011

Australia's Nine Network has claimed a first in the region by introducing a live viewer voting platform for its broadcast of Wide World of Sports.

For the first time on Australian television, viewers are able to interact live with broadcasts and share their opinion on all sporting issues and controversies, news stories and talking points, as well as joining in with debates with the Wide World of Sports Sunday Serve panel in real time.

The voting platform, from iPowow, enables viewers to respond instantly to questions in-programme, with results displayed on air via a special graphic.

Steve Crawley, Nine Network head of sport, said: "Wide World of Sports has been at the forefront of sports broadcasting for 30 years and the Nine Network continues to bring the best sports presentation and technology to its audience, leading the way in sports broadcasting in Australia."

Stephen Saunders, Vodafone's head of sponsorship, added: "Sports fans always have an opinion, whether it be on decisions made by referees or player tactics. Now with the Viewers' Verdict fans can share their views on certain sports-related topics in real time. We are thrilled to be trialling this technology with Wide World of Sports and are planning to make it available to cricket fans via their mobile phones this summer."

To take part in on-air discussions during Wide World of Sports, viewers need to go to wideworldofsports.com.au/vote on their iPhone, Android, tablet or PC to access the free voting tool.