Syrian Journalists Union condemns EU sanctions against Addounia TV
September 26th, 2011 - 14:56 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

The Syrian Journalists Union today condemned the unjust decision taken by the European Union against Addounia TV, saying that it violates the most basic rights and international accords stated in UN resolutions.

In a letter addressed to the Arab Journalists Union, the Syrian Journalists Union said that this decision contradicts human rights and the basics of journalism rights and liberties which protect the freedom of expression and opinion, stressing that this action infringes on a main article of the Arab Journalists Union’s law.

The letter called on the Arab Journalists Union and Arab organization and unions to exert pressure on the EU through mass media and human rights organization to withdraw this unjust decision.

The Union pointed out that the EU’s allegations that Addounia TV promotes violence is the exact opposite of the truth, stressing that the channel uncovered the instigation of several Arab and foreign channels against Syria and its people, and that the channel simply addressed public opinion regarding the events in Syria.