Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 27-09-2011

A 25 year old Yemeni cameraman working for Iraq’s public broadcaster has died after sustaining gunshot wounds while filming the protests in Sana’a.

Hussein Yahya al-Wadhaf, who had worked for Al-Iraqiya TV for a year, died on Saturday (24 September). He had been covering the escalating levels of unrest over the past week from the Yemeni capital’s Change Square.

Al Iraqiya’s director of news, Abdul Karim Hammadi, told the AFP agency: “He was covering the demonstrations which saw a heavy reaction from the authorities against the protesters. He was shot in the head, went into a coma, and died.”

Thousands of protestors took to the streets on Monday (26 September) despite a defiant speech delivered by President Ali Abdullah Saleh the day before, which he intended would end the continued violence in his country.

Saleh returned to Yemen on 23 September from neighbouring Saudi Arabia, where he has spent the past three months recovering from an attack on his life. Despite Saleh’s call for peace, a mounting death toll and growing protests against his 34 year rule continue to rock the troubled Middle East