Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 27-09-2011

The number of Latin American homes subscribing to pay-TV services keeps growing and is fast approaching the 45 million milestone.

According to the latest figures released by market research firm Dataxis Online Intelligence, during the second quarter of 2011 pay-TV operators in the region added another 1.62 million customers. Compared with the previous quarter, this was an increase of 3.8%. The total number across the region, as of June 2011, stands at 44.95 million viewers.

Of those, most (26.9 million) are subscribed to cable TV, followed by direct-to-home (DTH) with 16.7 million customers.

Dataxis stressed the role that both Mexico and Brazil continue to play as Latin America's leaders in the pay-TV industry. During the second quarter of this year, these two countries alone added 73% of all new subs in the region: 659,000 in the case of Brazil and 524,000 in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the process of migrating customers from analogue to digital cable networks continues to gather pace. However, the region is a long way off from being able to declare the end of analogue cable transmissions, as these are still used by MSOs to reach the majority of their viewers (17 million versus nearly 10 million digital subs).

The rest of the region's pay-TV market share is split between wireless video service providers using MMDS technology (with over 750,000 clients), IPTV via DSL access (264,000 viewers), IPTV via FTTH (64.000 homes) and digital UHF TV systems (with 242,000 subscribers).