Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 28-09-2011

Spain's national public broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE) broadcast more than 90% of the Spanish cinema shown on the country’s television screens over the last twelve months.

This means the broadcaster offered some 274 Spanish movies, 91.3% of the Spanish film coverage in the whole of the Spanish television spectrum.
Already in 2011, the public broadcaster has transmitted nearly 100 Spanish films especially on its second channel La 2. This marks a huge contrast with what the other Spanish national private broadcasters have offered: a grand total of 26 Spanish films shown by them during this period.
Taking account of the percentages, more than 41% of the films offered during this season by TVE's La 2 were made in Spain films. This has made La 2 is Spain's de facto leading channel for Spanish cinema.
This support towards the Spanish cinema industry by TVE has been welcomed by the audience according to Santiago González, the broadcaster's CEO