CEE region drives fibre growth

19.43 Europe/London, September 27, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Europe, excluding Russia, ended the second quarter with 5 million FTTH/B subscribers out of 28 million homes passed, according to an announcement at the Broadband World Forum in Paris.

However, Russia alone added 964,000 new FTTH/B subscribers during the first half of the year, bringing the total in the country to 5.15 million.
Taken together, Europe and Russia had 10.2 million FTTH/B subscribers and 39.8 million homes passed at the end of Q2, or 22% more than a year earlier.
Lithuania led the European ranking with 26.6% of households subscribing to services, followed by Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, Slovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Estonia and Denmark, with each of the to top 10 markets having a penetration rate of at least 6%.
Hungary was a new entrant at number 11, with 235,055 FTTH/B subscribers and a 6% subscriber penetration rate, though the market, dominated by Magyar Telekom, was very fragmented, with many players only active in local areas.
The market in Ukraine, ranked 16th with 450,000 FTTH/B subscribers and a 2.2% subscriber penetration rate, was meanwhile dominated by Vimpelcom.