Turkish Airlines launches live TV with Panasonic

08.24 Europe/London, September 28, 2011 By Robert Briel

Turkish Airlines has announced it would become the first commercial carrier to launch and offer live, inflight television on its trans-Atlantic flights.
The airline will also become among first European carriers by introducing Wi-Fi internet access to its passengers and debut live television and connectivity via a seatback portal. The company said these capabilities are a first for commercial intercontinental flights.
The service is made possible through the use of the Planet IFE Platform, a global communication suite system developed by Panasonic Avionics Corporation. This system will also provide wireless Wi-Fi internet after full testing and certification.
Live TV on intercontinental flights is a first and will feature a variety of programming including uninterrupted access to BBC World, BBC Arabic and Euronews channels with sport channels to soon be added. Seats are also equipped with in-seat power that allows charging of mobile devices as well as continuous internet connectivity.
The new system will provide live, uninterrupted content to aircraft flying all over the world, even over oceans. Passengers will be able to go online using their mobile devices such as notebook, iPad, tablets etc. on available Turkish Airlines flights.
Turkish Airlines will receive the first B777-300ER equipped with GCS system from the Boeing Company on September 23, 2011. Turkish Airlines also plans to activate this system on 11 additional Boeing 777-300ER and 10 Airbus 330-300 aircraft in its fleet in the near future.