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Thread: Motorola Surfboard SKY Hacking?

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    Motorola Surfboard SKY Hacking?

    Right I Have A Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem but I am told this can run linux on it.

    I have a few questions regaurding using this to receive sky and cable channels (for fun ;p) I know it possesses the nesecarry f-type connectors but I am ot sure if the hardware itself is capable of decoding the TV streams.

    I am willing to do the programming but do not want to waste my time if the hardware simply is not capable of deciphering the signal

    not hardware deciphering but I know some cards have limits on their relyably usable frequencies . I am just thinking about this because it is apparently a 400mhz processor which is much more powerful than a dbox and I think could make up for any lost video card functionality. I would want to use modified dbox code mainly to get the signal decipher it and send it out over the network like a streaming sky server

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    Re: Motorola Surfboard SKY Hacking?

    The F-Connecters are there to connect the Modem to the Network (atleast this holds true for the US), Now granted that Europe does not use the F-Connector (agan at least here in Germany. It may well be different in the UK), for Cable but That F-Connecto is for the Cabe Co-alxe connection and has nothing to do with decodeing TV. Now that would be One Hell of a Cablemodem Hack. Alas I have never heard of a Cablemodem that could do so either...

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