IPTV providers give seal of approval to HomePNA

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 29-09-2011

The numbers keep on looking good for the HomePNA Alliance who has announced that it has just certified its 75th product that will see use in home networking environments.
HomePNA is an ITU Standard, included in the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines, designed to create, promote and certify multimedia home networking technology that operates over existing infrastructures. Members include companies such as AT&T, Motorola, Cisco and Pace.

The certified products, offered by seventeen manufacturers, are said to cover the entire value chain including IP set-top boxes (STBs), residential gateways, optical network terminals, Ethernet to HomePNA bridges, MDU masters, commercial test/installation equipment and OEM modules.
At present, the Alliance says that over 20 million HomePNA products have been shipped to telco, satellite, and cable service providers across five continents, with over 30,000 products installed by over 70 service providers each business day. The standard has gained a lot of particular traction among US telcos and the Alliance boasts that it has been deployed by four of the five largest of such firms as a critical component of their IPTV services.
"The HomePNA certification program enables customers to buy with confidence," said Michael Weissman, HomePNA president. "The large number of certified products is an indication of HomePNA's success, while the large number of vendors is a boon to service providers desiring to deploy the technology."