Spanish DTT slammed for poor content, poor signals

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 29-09-2011

A study made by iforTv, the Spanish Communication Users Association (AUC), has condemned the country’s DTT services for lacking quality in both content and a lack of ease in tuning.
Even though just over half (56%) of the survey were happy with the arrival of DTT, nearly half were ambivalent about the current DTT panorama is ambivalent. Over a third (36%) believed that the DTT did not live up to initial expectation.
Other negative aspects included perceived poor quality in a lot of content and irritations about the frequency of repeating programmes and series episodes. More seriously, there were concerns about technical problems as towards accessing to the signal.
As for the positive aspects of the DTT, the report indicated a general inclination that the services provided improvement in both image and sound quality and also a bigger variety of the programs. Nearly two-thirds (65%) were satisfied with the possibility of watching HDTV and 3DTV content and 61% were happy with the EPGs. Three-fifths regarded the number of channels that they could receive through DTT as being adequate, although around 20% thought it as too many.
Those happy with the number of DTT channels dedicated more time ( 35% more) to watch television than those for whom the increased number of channels did not matter.