Smart TV prospects double in less than a year

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 30-09-2011

What recession? New research from Parks Associates has found that the number of US consumers planning to purchase a smart TV has nearly doubled in less than a year.
The Consumer Decision Process: Summer Update shows that this growth means that a quarter of US broadband households intend to purchase an Internet-connectable CE device in 2011. In particular, more than a tenth of broadband households plan to purchase a smart TV in the second half of 2011, up from 6% in the first half.

These households represent half of the homes planning to make a purchase which is estimated to be in the region of $1,000 for each device.
“Advertising campaigns from manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, and VIZIO have boosted consumer awareness and interest, making connectivity a must-have feature for new CE products," commented Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates. "Younger consumers especially want the extra benefits on their new TVs of going to the web for social networking and on-demand video or subscription entertainment options.”
However when it came to rating the significance of connectivity in particular devices, users said that they rated a web-enabled technology in PVR, DVR or TiVo devices as more important than similar functionality in flat panel TVs.
The research also showed that consumers had strong preferences for entertainment and social networking options on connected devices such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, and smart TVs. Preferred features include the ability to stream and download movies and TV shows as well as access to Facebook and online music.
The survey also shows 19% of broadband households intend to purchase a tablet in the second half of 2011. Among tablet intenders, men are more likely than women to purchase 3G tablets and buy 3G data plans for their new devices. Apple was the preferred brand by far, with the iPad capturing over 40% of planned tablet purchases for the rest of 2011.