Argentinean DTT network expands

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 30-09-2011

The town of Dolores and its surroundings, in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, has officially joined another 23 regions already forming the country's expanding digital terrestrial television (DTT) infrastructure.
The new antenna was switched on during an inauguration ceremony carried out at the site yesterday, attended among others by the country's economy minister, Amado Boudou. It is estimated that coverage from the multiplex will reach four neighbouring towns with a collective population of over 25,000.
Argentina's Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services informed that some 5,100 of those residents (or 1,460 homes) would qualify to receive one DTT set-top box free of charge.
Countrywide, over 690,000 set-top boxes have already been handed out through government subsidies. The scheme benefits people already receiving some form of state support, as well as senior citizens (over 70s), women with seven children or more and workers on minimum wage.
Dolores's becomes the ninth high-power antenna of the DTT network to be switched on in the Buenos Aires province (the largest and most highly populated in the country). The rest of the operational transmission sites are located in Capital Federal (two antennas), Córdoba (two), the Patagonia region (two), and one each in the provinces of Chaco, Jujuy, Formosa, La Rioja, San Juan, Tucumán, Entre Ríos, Misiones y Santa Fe.
A total of 16 digital channels are available on the platform at the moment, the composition of which may vary slightly depending on the location from where transmissions are tuned in.