New logo and idents for Comedy Central

09.21 Europe/London, September 30, 2011 By Robert Briel

Comedy Central channels in a number of European countries get a new logo and idents from October. The new design was introduced last January in the US, where it was met with mixed reactions.

Comedy Central’s new logo leaves behind the previous theme of a world-sized “tower” broadcasting the network, in favour of an image of two “C”‘s, with one of them and the word “Central” turned upside-down within the new logo mark. The new logo was designed to represent the network’s unique brand of comedy.
The new logo has won several awards in the US, but also met with some criticism claiming that the new identity is not representing the channel’s programming.
Poland was the first country that started the international rebrand in Europe on February 20, 2011. The Netherlands starting and the German speaking markets are now following on October 1, 2011.