Watershed warning as regulator raps raunchy rock and pop

Ofcom has pre-empted any repeats of complaints of inappropriate pre-watershed bevaviour by Rihanna and Christina Aguilera during the 2010 finals of the X-Factor.
In new guidance on the TV watershed, the UK regulator has warned TV broadcasters to be more careful around the watershed time of 9pm, fearing what they screen may be unsuitable for children. Ofcom says that it is acting to help broadcasters comply with the Broadcasting Code rules for pre-watershed content, with specific focus on programmes broadcast before and soon after the watershed and music videos broadcast before the watershed.
The final programmes in the X-Factor feature live performances by artists just before watershed time. Furthermore, the regulator revealed that in recent months it has investigated several cases involving pre-watershed material that it judged to be unsuitable – or close to the limits of acceptability – for children.
Yet despite the warnings, research that it carried out into this contentious area, which was picked up on by the UK press, found that the majority (58%) of parents surveyed were not concerned by what their children had watched on television before 9pm in the last 12 months. Indeed only a quarter (24%) of the parents surveyed said they were “fairly concerned”, and less than a tenth (9%) said they were “very concerned”.