iConcerts launches connected TV services

08.17 Europe/London, October 3, 2011 By Robert Briel

Swiss-based iConcerts has announced multiple deals for its connected TV launch with Samsung, Toshiba, LG Electronics, Philips and Panasonic.
TV sets from these manufacturers will feature the iConcerts VoD music service on multiple platforms (TV, Blu-ray/DVD Players, set top boxes, tablets etc). The iConcerts connected TV app will roll-out throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia.
iConcerts will also demo their all new Android and iOS based OTT application during MIPCOM 2011 this week in Cannes, France.
The iConcerts application will introduce intuitive image based sliding menus and make full use of the touch-screen interface of the tablet. It will feature a rich promotional area with performances from hundreds of international artists, and a premium service with over 1,000 concerts. Personalised playlists and Shuffle button will make it easy for music lovers to enjoy the unique library of concerts, while myConcerts area will allow them to share this experience across multiple screens.
“With the iConcerts TV and VOD services now available in over 86 countries, our goal is to provide our audience with a true transmedia experience, creating a seamless link between watching linear TV and interacting with the on-demand content. Connected TV and tablet applications are a perfect complement to the HDTV broadcast. We are very excited about aligning our brand with such renowned manufacturers, and we look forward to giving viewers access to our innovative music service on these various platforms,” said Natalia Tsarkova, iConcerts founder and CSO, in a statement.