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Thread: Cann't program older firmware

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    Cann't program older firmware

    Hi All,

    I have this software now in my DS100XCI.
    Model ID 00F0A246
    H/W 2.00.00
    S/W 11.05.0F

    I use Upgrade 2.25 to upload the firmware to the DS100XCI
    Now I want to upload the "marned Firmware" with date 5-Jan-2006
    This seems to be the latest one on this board. But the I get the following error during uploading. "Firmware is older the current firmware" and the program Quits. Any one an idea how to solve the problem?


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    Re: Cann't program older firmware

    Download data cleaner from and load to your Marned. After data is cleaned from your receiver, you can load an older version of firmware.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Cann't program older firmware

    Hello does someone has the newest firmware there is a firmware with crypt@w@rks and PR#mI#re

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