New VideoHub rolls into online video advertising

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 04-10-2011

Tremor Video has launched a new advertising platform designed to grasp the monetisation opportunities that online video seems to be now presenting, at last.
The new VideoHub platform has been engineered to enable brand marketers and agencies to measure, track, report and deliver on the signals driving the performance of their video campaigns.
The cross-network measurement and real-time analytics system will be made available to all advertisers and agencies in the form of a self-serve marketplace that permits early stage video advertisers to buy in-stream video. Advertisers and agencies can license the VideoHub technology to view campaign performance and analytics across all of their video advertising buys, even those outside of the Tremor Video network

Tremor Video claims that with the new platform advertisers will have, for the first time, access to insight into brand performance metrics and the factors enhancing the brand, provoking viewer engagement and driving other key performance indicators.
“In the absence of alternatives, the video advertising industry has focused almost exclusively on efficiency over effectiveness,” said Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video explaining the rationale for the launch. “With VideoHub, we mine for answers to ‘why’ advertising performs the way it does. Our advertising partners are already uncovering surprising correlations between certain signals and brand performance, and that intelligence will grow exponentially as the platform evolves.”