brings Chinese IPTV to the States

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 03-10-2011

Asian Internet-based TV service provider has officially launched its Chinese-language service in North America with an emphasis on multiscreen access for multilingual content.

Users can use one account to sign in to stream high-definition video viewable on televisions, computers, iPads, and other mobile devices, and will also offer distance learning, gaming and e-commerce.
The platform will be run by iTV Media, a majority-owned subsidiary of UTStarcom.

"Our Internet TV platform will serve a growing demand for Chinese language television content from the overseas Chinese-speaking population," revealed UTStarcom's CEO Jack Lu. "Our platform utilises Internet-related broadcasting technology to stream high-quality content to homes in North America.”
He added, “Moreover, the launch of the Internet TV platform in North America will open up additional revenue opportunities for our operational support service business, which will be able to generate revenue by providing support services to subscribers of the Internet TV platform."'s television service is a transmission carrier based on a "public Internet" broadcasting platform. Using its global coverage features combined with technologies —such as streaming media technology, video codec technology, database management, transmission and encryption, server and distribution network technology—programs are broadcast through a digital set-top box (STB) as well as via computer, iPad and various other devices.

Furthermore, the system features unified management of television content for one account on multiple screens and devices. From content production to the display of TV programs on users' screens, end-to-end service involves endless chains and layers. CEO Lin Song has said that will be an IPTV service platform that is "made in China to serve world!"