Portugal's DTT accessible across the nation

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 03-10-2011

Portugal’s national association for communications ANACOM has revealed that the country’s DTT network is accessible from all parts of the country.

Furthermore the coverage is being provided by both the terrestrial digital TV transmitters and also the Hispasat satellite system.
Portugal is going through its own analogue switch over (on 26 April 2012) and the government is preparing the first of the three phases programmed for it. At present Portugal has four SD national channels and the government plans to have an in-the-clear national HDTV channel, according to 'Tele Satelite'.
But it is still unknown whether the project of launch of a 40 channels package carries on being made after the country's main telco, Portugal Telecom (PT) -the winner of this bid-quit the process several months ago.
Finally as for satellite DTT, Portugal is proceeding the same way as Spain: by different phases covering different regions.