Belgacom opts for Digital Media Store for multiscreen hub

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 05-10-2011

As it, like other operators, faces increasing pressure to meet end users’ demand for content across a range of devices and platforms, Belgacom has implemented new hub technology to manage and deliver current and future entertainment services.
The leading Belgian telco has chosen the Alcatel-Lucent Digital Media Store (DMS) in order to offer consumers a personalised and interactive digital entertainment content experience supporting the handling, processing and delivery of a range of services including video.

The services and to support innovation its bouquet as new technology, particularly devices, become available.
The DMS is designed to not only offer a personalised digital entertainment experience tailored to the consumers’ needs but also to enhance service providers’ content revenues. This is said to be able to be achieved through cross-media recommendations, bundled promotions, market segmentation, varied pricing modules, marketing campaigns and subscriptions. Content can be tuned according to consumers’ devices and network access capabilities and is also targeted to their profiles, location and preferences.
Commented Luc Defieuw, CEO Alcatel-Lucent Bell and Vice President, Benelux: “The line between traditional broadcast TV and online multimedia content is blurring as consumers embrace a multi-screen digital lifestyle. Our close collaboration with Belgacom demonstrates how this multi-screen opportunity can be seized.”