OTT-ready hub unveiled by Etisalat in UAE

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 05-10-2011

A smart, over the top (OTT) enabled hub has been deployed in the UAE by telecommunications provider Etisalat to provide users with what it terms a 'content ecosystem.'
Content providers will now be able to 'quickly and efficiently reach out to millions of customers on any screen' through a tie-up with the Abu Dhabi-based telco. The OTT-hub will support content delivery networks, content management systems and conditional access providers, and supply billing systems and customer care by way of both toll free and SMS services.
"Etisalat started its journey towards a digital media ecosystem in 2008, building on almost a decade of experience gained from providing (internet protocol) TV services though E-Vision," said Ali Amiri, executive vice president, Etisalat's carrier and wholesale services. "We have since secured significant customers and have developed experience that we can share with all partners servicing the region."
He added: "We are fast approaching the inflection point where the investment required in infrastructure needs to be supported from other revenue streams. A new commercial framework is now required."
Companies providing OTT services can now utilise a universal system which is product and platform independent, and transparent to the consumer, according to Etisalat.