Prisa launches Boxee Box online TV apps

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 04-10-2011

In a significant play in the Internet TV and connected TV environments, Prisa Digital has launched TV apps for Spanish viewers.
The new multi-platform Boxee Box D-Link app allows users to enjoy the content 'El País' and 'As' as well as the radio program 'Los 40' through a TV set.
Prisa developed three new apps with which it carries its online portals to the television environment and to which the user will have direct access from the Boxee Box's landing page.
D-Link's Boxee Box currently has more than 2 million devices in the US and it allows users to enjoy internet content in HDTV and with a remote control.
According to Rafael de los Santos, Business Development Director of Prisa Digital, this launch "shows, once more, the implementation of the strategic business line on the multiplatform side of our company and its multinational reach".