XS4All launches streaming web TV

08.53 Europe/London, October 5, 2011 By Robert Briel

Dutch ISP XS4All, a wholly owned subsidiary of KPN, has launched a new streaming web TV service, which allows streaming of ten TV channels to a PC. The channels stream just to the TV, not to any tablets.

As XS4All web TV is toed t the customerís IP address, access to the channels is only possible at the subscriberís home. Among the features offered is pause live TV using KPNís network PVR servers.
For the moment, there are no catch-up TV and VOD services available, but these might be added at a later stage. Also, integration with social media is planned.
The service is available at no additional cost for all customers who subscribe to the ISPís IPTV product. The channels available are the three public networks Nederland 1, 2 and 3, RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8 as well as BBC World News and CNN.