3net launches original 3D series

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 06-10-2011

3net, the joint venture 24/7 3D network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX, is pressing on with its plans to establish 3D as a viable TV service.

It is to debut three all-new original programs and feature the world broadcast premiere of two hit theatricals during the month of October.

The premiere line-up includes the original "docu-fable" adult drama series 'Scary Tales,' the original lost civilization series 'The Ancient Life," and the 3net original program 'Indy 500: The Inside Line, the world's first 3D look at America's Greatest Race.

The premiere schedule also includes several additional world television premieres: the Sony hit animated theatrical release 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,' the IMAX space journey 'Hubble 3D' and the travelogue series 'World Cities 3D.

'"We are continuing to break new ground by creating smart, revealing original series that feature a brave new way to tell stories," said Tom Cosgrove, President & CEO.

"Our viewers truly expect an 'eyes wide open' experience, and we've rounded out our October schedule with a host of big event 'firsts' – immersive and inspired content.”