MyTF1VOD launches on Facebook

11.17 Europe/London, October 6, 2011 By Robert Briel

French broadcaster TF1 has launched a Facebook application for its VOD service that makes US TV series almost instantly available after airing in the States on their MyTF1VOD service.

MyTF1VOD operates as a transactional VOD service and the broadcaster has started to offer US TV series hours after their original broadcast. The offer consists of Vampire Diaries (season 3) Criminal Minds (season 7), Grey’s Anatomy (season 8); The Mentalist (season 4); Person of Interest (Season 1) Nikita (Season 2) Gossip Girl (Season 5), and House (Season 8).
With the Facebook app, all people who are registered as a ‘fan’ (around 3 million of them) will receive an alert when a new episode is available. At that moment, the programme will instantly be made available at a cost of €1.99 or 30 credits.