AAF Enigma2 Summer V2 Image fix for Vu+ uno -"Greek Mod by LSK Team"

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Thanks to all the authors for all the usefull plugins :

1)mcelliot_g for

a)VME v8.0 code full Greek enigma2 mo file


2)GSF Team for enigma2 GSF Subtitles Downloader v1.6.0(Latest v1.6.0) for OE 1.6

3)kastorasgr for enigma2-plugin-extensions-greeknetradio

4)Sat Dream Gr Team for enigma2-plugin-extensions-newmenu_3.0

5) LinuxSK for E2 LSK Free Memory plugin

6. mfaraj57 for Tspanel

Here is some fotos

Blue Panel

Have fun your Team

Download NFI

Download USB